Journey Through the Dark
Black Chamber
Theatre of Pain
The Quest for Tanelorn
Ashes to Ashes
The Bard's Song - In the Forest
The Bard's Song: The Hobbit
This Will Never End
Mr. Sandman
The Bard's Song: In the Forest
Another Stranger Me
The New Order
All the King's Horses
Anoter Stranger Me
Dream a Little Dream of Me
Turn the Page
Run for the Night (live)
Banish From Sanctuary
Curse My Name
Damned for All Time
Follow the Blind
Hall of the King
Fast to Madness
Road of No Release
Control the Divine
Spread Your Wings
The Ninth Wave
Twilight Of The Gods
The Dark Elf
Wheel of Time
Trial by Fire
At The Edge Of Time
Guardian of the Blind
Bright Eyes
Ashes Of Eternity
Lost in the Twilight Hall
The Holy Grail
The Last Candle
The Throne
Sacred Mind
Miracle Machine
Grand Parade
Carry the Blessed Home
Straight Through the Mirror
Dead of the Night
The Edge
Symphonies of Doom
The Dead sound of misery
Surfin' USA
Bright Eyes (acoustic)
Mordred's Song (Acoustic)
Under the Ice
Black Chamber (Acoustic)
Sadly Sings Destiny
The Bard's Song (In the Forest) (live)
The Maiden and the Minstrel Knight
Barbara Ann
Wait for an Answer
Long Tall Sally
The Soulforged
A Past And Future Secret (Acoustic)
Age of False Innocence
Punishment Divine
A Voice in the Dark
And Then There Was Silence
War of Wrath
Tanelorn (Into the Void)
Into the Storm
Sacred Worlds
The Minstrel
The Curse of Feanor
Blood Tears
Wizard's Crown
Face the Truth
Run for the Night
Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)
The Martyr
Battle of Sudden Flame
Battalions of Fear
Time Stands Still (at the Iron Hill)
Somewhere Far Beyond
Travler In Time
The Eldar
Nom the Wise
When Sorrow Sang
Goodbye My Friend
Out on the Water
The Steadfast
Altair 4
A Dark Passage
Final Chapter (Thus Ends...)
Dead Sound of Misery
And the Story Ends (live)
Imaginations From the Other Side (live)
Beyond the Realms of Death
Don't Talk to Strangers
Bright Eyes (Edited Version)
Imaginations From the Other Side (demo version)
The Script for My Requiem (demo version)
Precious Jerusalem
Mies del dolor
Traveler in Time
Harvest of Sorrow
Frutto del Buio
La Cosecha Del Dolor
Welcome to Dying
Moisson de peine
Born in a Mourning Hall
Ride Into Obsession
The Bard's Song
Time Stands Still
Lord Of The Rings (Acoustic)
Imaginations From the Other Side
Scalds And Shadows
In a Gadda Da Vida
I'm Alive
The Script for My Requiem
Mordred's Song
Burn In A Mourning Hall
Another Holy War
And the Story Ends
Skalds and Shadows
The Bard's Song: In The Forest -- AKKORDE --
Bright eyes (accoustic version)
You're the Voice
War of the Thrones
A Past and Future Secret
To France
Lord of the Rings
The Wizard
Mirror Mirror
Time What Is Time