Dream Flowers
Eat You Alive
Glory of the Shame
A Song for the Broken Hearted
Embracing Past
Frozen to Lose It All
The Moment of Our Love
Creeping Inside
Locked in the Dark Side
In My Heaven
Neverending Parade
Planet of the Sun
L.A. Feeding Fire
Until You're Mine
About My Sorrow
Secret Forgiveness
Angels Won't Lie
No One Can Save Me Tonight
Niemand kann mich heute Nacht retten (No one can save me tonight)
End Of The Line
Endstation (End of the line)
Too Much Love Will Kill You (feat. Dead By Gun & Jann Wilde)
Won't Let Go
A Devil on My Shoulder
An Ornament
Giving Up!
Too Much Love Will Kill You
Love That I Lost
Liebe die ich verlor (Love that I lost)
Blood On Blood
My My/Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)
Blut an Blut (Blood on blood)
Glauben (Believe)
Celestial Summer
Himmlischer Sommer (Celestial Summer)
Jealous Sky
Eifersüchtiger HImmel (Jealous Sky)
Fading Yourself
Days I'm Living For
One Last Shot
Sinner's Night / Misty Morning
Stop Fucking Around
We Can't Go On
Tage für dich ich lebe (Days I'm living for)
In Memoriam (Immortal Peace)
Since You've Been Gone
Seitdem du gegangen bist (Since you've been gone)
Kiss of Hope
Kuss der Hoffnung (Kiss of Hope)
Fucking Worthless
Verdammt wertlos (Fucking worthless)
Neon Rain
Neon Regen (Neon Rain)
Sinä ja minä (Dingo Cover)
Loving You
Fuckin' worthless
Lost Soul
God like your style
Motherfucker (Just Like You)
After All
Dead as We
1000 Nails in My Heart
Gravity of Love
better with you
Anna Simona
The World Can't Change, So Us
Lost in America
Lust n' Needs
Black Light
My Personal Sensitivity
Dying Feelings
Last Hero
Better Without You
Still Alive
Coming back
Childhood Memories
Sinä ja minä (Dingo cover)
Motherfucker (Just like you) ~ Drecksau, genau wie du